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Meet The Founder, Shalom Lloyd, Founder of Naturally Tribal Skincare

At Peak Results PR, we are passionate about supporting independent brands. During World Vegan Month, we caught up with Shalom Lloyd who is the Founder of Naturally Tribal Skincare, a natural, vegan, ethically sourced and African heritage skincare brand that uses only Mother Nature’s gifts to create a range of innovative, enriching and nurturing skincare

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How can PR benefit your business?

The global pandemic has had a major impact on the UK economy, with a lot of industries being forced to close for several months during the peak of the outbreak. The retail, hospitality, leisure and tourism industries have been significantly affected. We have also seen a major shift in consumer spending habits with more people

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Meet The Founder – Marie Meskheli, Founder of Delfy Cosmetics

At Peak Results PR, we are passionate about supporting independent brands and giving them the opportunity to shine. We recently caught up with Marie Meskheli, Founder of Delfy Cosmetics, a premium international cosmetics brand that is based in Barcelona, Spain. Here Marie shares her inspiring journey on creating a successful international cosmetics brand, overcoming challenges

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How to deal with Dry and Damaged Hair

Does your hair feel dry, damaged, lacklustre and prone to split ends? We spoke to Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver from The Cotswold Trichology Centre who shared her top tips on how to deal with dry damaged hair. Ditch the straighteners   Hair straighteners / curlers are the biggest cause of dry damaged hair. Keep the heat setting

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How to Prep your Feet for Summer

As we enter summer it is time to give your feet some serious TLC. From tackling dry skin and cracked heels to ensuring that you have healthy nails – the mission starts now! We spoke to Julian Ball from DLT Podiatry who revealed his top tips on how to prep your feet for summer.

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Locks Down: How to look after your Hair at Home

As we spend more time at home and dream of returning back to the hair salon, we spoke to Emilia Lipinska, Co-Founder of Vitopia who shares her top tips on how to look after your hair in the comfort of your own home. Diet It is important that you eat a healthy and balanced

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