How to Prep your Feet for Summer

As we enter summer it is time to give your feet some serious TLC. From tackling dry skin and cracked heels to ensuring that you have healthy nails – the mission starts now!

We spoke to Julian Ball from DLT Podiatry who revealed his top tips on how to prep your feet for summer.

Invest in your feet

After months of your feet being hidden away in shoes, boots, tights and socks, you may want to treat your feet to a spot of pampering. For a professional treatment, visit your local Chiropodist, they will trim your toe nails, remove any hard skin, check for corns or verrucae’s to ensure that your feet are in a healthy condition.

Trim & File

Trim your nails after a bath or shower with a good quality nail clipper, cut straight along the top, leave about 1mm of white tip, do not cut down the sides as this can cause in-growing nails, smooth off with an emery board. 

Remove Hard Skin

Hard skin or callus can build up over time from areas of repeated pressure causing the skin to die and form a protective layer which looks a bit thick and yellowish. This could be caused by ill-fitting shoes or walking on bare feet. Use a foot file regularly to gently remove hard skin, your feet will feel and look better as a result.


Regular moisturising will keep your feet looking and feeling amazing, use a urea based cream such as Ureka 10% Urea Foot Care Cream (100ml), £5.25 from night and morning. Urea is part of the body’s natural moisturising factor, it is available in 2 strengths 10% urea for keeping the skin soft and supple or 25% ureaor when the skin has cracked and needs help healing.

Time to make your toes shine

Add a pop of colour to your nails with Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nailed Polish, £11.95 from This vegan friendly, 10-free and podiatrist formulated vitamin enriched nail polish is infused with a special blend of ingredients including Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein, Garlic Bulb extract, Biotin and Lavender. Dr.’s REMEDY minimises the appearance of dry brittle nails, hydrate nail cuticles and improve the wear-time of your nail colour, providing a high shine.

*Credit: Julian Ball, DLT Podiatry

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